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Newest Roku model that permits customized network settings?

I'm in the market for a new Roku.
One of the reasons for upgrading my outdated Roku 2 XS is that it doesn't have network customization.
I need to be able to change at least the default gateway.

Which newest model allows network customization?

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Re: Newest Roku model that permits customized network settings?

They all run the same software so I think you are kind of hosed there.  I remember at one time there was a secret menu for network settings so you could set a static IP.  Check with your router device.  If you're savvy enough to have multiple gateways then you probably have an above average firewall/router package.  With pfSense you can set a static DHCP reservation and point that device at a different gateway.
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Re: Newest Roku model that permits customized network settings?

As said, no Roku provides such ability. I just tried several of the hidden menus on my Insignia TV, and while I found a screen that showed what a static IP setting is set to, I couldn't find any way to edit it. And the same screen said static IP was disabled. It doesn't appear that you can set a static IP even in a hidden menu, unless there's a new hidden menu that hasn't been publicized yet.
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