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Newbie question about Roku devices.

I know Roku is a streaming device. Recently my tablet broke and money is tight.

Is there a way to load ebooks on my old TV using Roku? It would help me tremendously as purchasing a tablet or reading on my phone is simply not possible.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Newbie question about Roku devices.

Not that I know of.

The visual experience will be pretty terrible if there was, ebooks have optimised screens.

Try getting a second hand eBook.

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Re: Newbie question about Roku devices.


Pretty interesting article regarding Ebooks and using streaming devices like the Roku to cast them to a large screen.  Basically you could just cast or mirror the E-books from your phone to your TV. (via the Roku device).



Now, there are also adapters you can use with your phone to connect directly to a TV's HDMI port as well so you would not have to wirelessly cast or mirror.  (  That link will provide you some info regarding these.  (You can also get long HDMI cables so you can sit across the room and don't have to be right up on the TV.)

Hopefully one of those avenues will get you through until you can get a new Reader or Tablet.

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