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New to Roku - Is it right for me?

We just moved to an apartment and I don't want to hassle with getting cable or satellite, so we are looking at streaming options. I have a 2 year old Samsung TV and a Samsung S9+ which I have been using for streaming things such as Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, and Netflix. I want to get something else to use for streaming so I don't have to use my phone, and my TV does not support Hulu Live (which is what we are using to bypass getting cable). I have 50Mbps down, and when my TV is connected to my wireless network, my screencast app from my phone to the TV constantly disconnects. I have since hard-wired the TV and not noticed any problems with the connection to my phone. My question(s): I am thinking of going with Roku, but not sure if I should get the Roku Ultra or the Roku Streaming Stick +, as I don't know if I will have the same connection issues with the stick being wireless. My wireless router is about 3 feet from my TV, but if I can get the same options with the Roku Ultra as I can with the Streaming Stick +, I'd rather go with that since I can connect it via ethernet cable to my router. I need to ensure that the Roku will work with Hulu Live, so I can get local and cable channels in real-time (or with a 2-3 second delay). I watch a lot of football so being able to watch the games on local stations and ESPN are a must. Will the Roku also work with Amazon Prime and Netflix? Is there anything else I need to consider when choosing between the two? Thank you for any help!

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Re: New to Roku - Is it right for me?

Any currently available Roku model will work with Hulu Live, Netflix, and Prime Video subscriptions, and literally hundreds of other channel apps.  If you prefer an Ethernet connection, the Ultra is the only model in the current lineup that has this feature.

One caveat -- there are a bunch of scammers that have figured out how to jump into the middle of the process for registering and linking a new Roku.  When linking a new device and the on-screen instructions tell you to go to "" to enter a code, carefully enter the full address (not just to be sure you're taken to the right place.  Scammers have sites using common typing errors for their addresses.  Also, if you don't type in the https:// preface some browsers will take you to a web search that may bring up bogus sites.  As long as you end up at (or you're in the right place.  Roku will not ask you to go to a different site or call a phone number, nor will they charge you anything or offer you any sort of subscription deal during this process.

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Re: New to Roku - Is it right for me?

I have an Ultra and use Ethernet.

It has been virtually free of problems for me excepting a few quirks which were resolved.

Of course the Ultra is a better Model. There is a difference. A lot of people buy cheaper Models

and expect them to perform as well as an Ultra. That thinking is not reasonable to me.

I stopped using cable years ago. The money you save easily covers the price of an Ultra.

But the best thing about Roku's is the vast selection of programming available.


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