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New device needed by December 1?

A message is appearing now on my TV screen that my Roku device will no longer work starting December 1st. What does this mean? What do I do?


Also, I recently enrolled in Amazon Prime but get a message when I use Roku that the connection with Amazon can't be made. The 877 number provided for help is "no longer in service".



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Re: New device needed by December 1?

Is it saying the *Roku* itself will stop working? Or is it saying that Netflix will stop working on your Roku?

Just asking because there are articles around the internet saying that for some earlier models of Roku (generations 1 and 2, from 2011 or earlier), Netflix isn't going to work any longer.  If someone's Netflix can be set to auto-play the next episode of a tv series, it's still good.

At any rate, it would be helpful to someone answering you in a more official or just more knowledgeable capacity if you'd edit your post with which model/version Roku you have.

Home Button>Settings>System>About>Right Arrow

From there you can see your model number, and the software version number might be helpful also.

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