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Level 8

New Program Guide being rolled back?

The new program guide appears to have been rolled back across my Roku televisions; I have 4 of these. 

After performing a manual system update, the streaming channels are gone and I'm back to the previous build of the program guide.

I like the idea of the new guide but only if it's able to be customized by the end user; favorite channels, hiding unwanted channels, etc. Also, the new guide was buggy as all get out. Very slow and caused all kinds of problems with my televisions, including picture settings, etc.

I'm glad that Roku appears to have heard its customers. 

Leave my program guide alone unless you give me the option to upgrade it according to my tastes, etc.

Level 7

Put the new channels back on the guide

every time i find the tile to get the new channels it keeps dissapearing now i can not find it anywhere? It was perfect before the some starting crying! Please put them back on!

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Level 7

Re: New Program Guide being rolled back?

I saw it yesterday and it was awesome. I come home tonight to find it gone. I hate having to go elsewhere to find streaming content. It was like having dish but better and cheaper. They create something great and then kill it.

Level 7

Re: New Program Guide being rolled back?

I am with you. I at least would like to have a choice between OTA and Streaming guide. Right now I have no OTA guide. I have a upgrade for a TV soon it will most likely will not be a new Roku. Seems like it is getting to complicated. 

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