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My Feed not working after latest update

The issue is still not resolved! I still am not receiving updates or any individual shows or movies om MY Feed – on any of the 3 Roku devices in my home (1 TCL Roku TV & 2 Samsung TV’s, 1 with a stick & 1 with a Roku box. All I see are the 3 generic ROKU "Movies", "TV Shows" & "Movies Coming Soon" - no followed shows or movies!
I have emailed & talked to support on the phone and, so far no one has even suggested anything that I hadn’t tried myself, being a longtime & fairly sophisticated ROKU user. I see numerous problems with ROKUs online, after the recent update & NO explanations from ROKU, nor much helpful in the forums. ROKU needs to upgrade its service or I (& I presume many others will be looking to Google, Amazon & your other competitors) & Roku won’t see very flattering reviews on PV Magazine, Cordcutters & the like. Please contact me & fix this.
A reversion the the last update that was stable would be better than this
I am also not pleased that ROKU doesn't provide a full list of EVERYTHING I've followed (liek most of the streamin services) instead of just dribbling out a few shows & movies to My Feed (when it works)
Last grip: WTF don't ROKU TVs enable us to add memory withan SD card (which has speeded up my previous ROKUS? I'd think a TV with Roku integrated in would have ALL valuable ROKU feature offered.

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Level 9

Re: My Feed not working after latest update

I still have the issue that My Feed only brings up the generic ROKU "Movies", "TV Shows" & "Movies Coming Soon" - NO INDIVIDUAL SHOWS OR MOVIES - even when a number of new items added to My Feed shows up next to My Feed (in parentheses)!
My Feed actually worked ONCE in the last week. Acouple of days ago I went to My Feed & there was a (4) in parenthese next to My Feed, and when I clicked on My Feed those new shows & movies, as well as several others actually showed up & were watchable bey clicking on them.
ROKU has attempted to solve this over the phone, but all their suggested soluions were things I had already tried. They then said, "we're aware of problems & awe'll get back to you". So far, NO JOY. nor any reply from ROKU by phone or email support.
RE: Service requests #3589432 & #3599807 

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