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My Feed doesn't work like I'd expect

I'm a new Roku user trying to understand "My Feed".  I select My Feed, click on TV shows, click on a show, click on "Follow".  Then I go back to the home screen, click on My Feed and nothing has changed - the show I'm following isn't there.   Does only shows up in My Feed when there's an update?  If that's the case, how would I know which shows I'm following?

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Re: My Feed doesn't work like I'd expect

Thanks for sharing the questions and thoughts here. 

You can see more about how 'My Feed' currently works here:

Items only appear in the 'My Feed' section when:

  • A movie or TV series you follow becomes available on the Roku platform for the first time, or is now available to stream for free or at a lower price.

  • A TV series you follow has new episodes available to watch.

  • An actor or director you follow has new movies or TV episodes available to watch.

There isn't currently a feature that allows you to review everything you have followed, but this is great feedback to share with our team. Please feel free to let us know if there are any other questions we can help answer! 

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