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Level 7

Missing Picture Mode Options on 65R625 running 9.3.0

My brand new 65R625 has only 3 Picture Modes... Normal, Bright, Dark. No Movie Mode, No Vivid, etc... It's 2 days old and running 9.3.0 software. Numerous Resets and Restarts have produced no results. What could be wrong? TCL Support is stumped, waiting to hear back from someone in Software. Might have to return this TV. Wish they would just re-issue 9.2.0


Also, the Color Space Settings and 11 Point White Balance are all screwed up.

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Level 7

Re: Missing Picture Mode Options on 65R625 running 9.3.0



I returned the 65R625 and bought the 65Q825... same **bleep** thing! No MOvie Mode, No Vivid, No Game Mode... etc!!!!!

Never got a response from TCL, ROKU blames TCL, etc

I am done with these idiots!!!!!!!!!!

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