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Mirrorring Windows 10 (wireless display) stuck to history page


I am kindly asking help for a screen mirroring problem from my laptop to Roku.
I have a Roku 3600X (Software version 8.0 build 4143-24) and a PC with Windows 10 Pro (version 1703 build 15063.850), a integrated Wifi card called "Broadcom 802.11ac Wireless PCIE Full Dongle Adapter" (driver version 1.558.53.31 release date 11/10/2017, Hardware Id: PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_43BA) and a Intel Iris Graphics 6100 graphic card (driver version release date 16/10/2017).
Screen mirroring with Roku using the same laptop  (= use Roku as wireless display) used to work fine on my TV until some recent Windows update (not a driver update): Windows 10 usually was able to find two Roku devices, one was bogus (it did not work) but at least the other one was working fine for mirroring.
Now after latest Windows updates something has changed: Windows 10 finds only one Roku device (called Roku Stick 616) and tries to connect to a "Direct-roku-616-0D8244" Wifi Network.
Roku thus asks for permission for screen mirroring (at least the first time and I gave the permission) but only a "View recent history" page appears on my TV connected with Roku.
It looks like that now only the bogus Roku device was left.
I tried the following: a Roku Hard Reset, downgrading to older drivers, checking for new drivers, changing Roku Wifi network ("Direct-roku-616..) type from public to private, power cycle my wifi modem, setting "duplicate screen" before connecting, adding and removing Roku from my Windows devices, a network reset using Windows 10 settings: nothing worked.
I always get stuck to the same "View recent history" page on Roku.
Just to be clear, I repeat, screen mirroring was working before with the same laptop. Since Windows installed multiple updates I can not understand which caused the problem.

Is there any Roku developer or user that had this problem and can help with this, please? Also if it is really a Windows update problem can someone from Roku speak with Microsoft to have it fixed (I think it will be difficult) or maybe update Roku software to make it work with latest Windows 10 updates (this will be probably easier).

Thank you

Edit: just made some changes to make it easier to read

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Re: Mirrorring Windows 10 (wireless display) stuck to history page


I found the solution myself:

I had installed previously this private channel on my Roku:

Roku Cast

Each time I was trying to use native mirroring on Roku the device was actually switching to that channel and since full screen mirroring is not supported by that channel I was stuck on the history page of this Roku Cast channel .
So I uninstalled the channel, searched for system updates on my Roku (to enforce the channel removal), removed my Roku from devices from windows 10,
did a full restart from Roku menu and rebooted my windows 10 laptop.
Once I added my Roku back to Windows 10 (also I removed all mirroring allowed devices on my Roku) Roku tried again to display the channel a couple of times, then finally it went back to native mirroring.
And now is finally working again.
I did not know that a channel could change so much my Roku native behaviour.
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Re: Mirrorring Windows 10 (wireless display) stuck to history page

I Joined this forum just to THANK YOU SO MUCH mario1984!

truly, this was driving me insane.  One day, it worked perfectly.  Then, it pulled up that same screen every time.  Thank you again

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Re: Mirrorring Windows 10 (wireless display) stuck to history page

I have a very similar issue, but i don't have that private channel installed. I wonder if there is a common link?

I have two Roku's. One is updated to a recent version and the other one is not, although this might not be the issue. The old one screen mirrors just fine. The new one asks for permission to connect, appears to start loading the screen mirroring, and then goes straight to the "View recent history" page and the casting device indicates it has dropped out.

I have tried connecting with my windows 10 laptop and my Samsung Note 9. Both work on the old roku but not on my new one. Both have the same channels installed. It is very frustrating. 
I'd appreciate any advice on this. I wish i could see a reason.
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Re: Mirrorring Windows 10 (wireless display) stuck to history page

Thanks for the note here. Please review the Roku Forum Guidelines. If a topic is more than 6 months old, please create a new topic for your issue. 

Please send me a PM with your Roku account email address, and more specific details about the two devices you are using, including the serial number for each from Settings>System>About. If you could also include the specific software version for both your Windows device and your Android device, that would be helpful. 

I'll follow up with you directly to see how we can assist you further. 

Closing out this thread. 

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Re: Mirrorring Windows 10 (wireless display) stuck to history page

Thank you, thank you, thank you! (from 2 years into the future). This was driving me crazy and I couldn't find any answers anywhere else. I removed the app, restarted Roku and that fixed it (on two different TVs!). Thank you!

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