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Help configuring Roku device settings, using Roku OS features such as screen mirroring, adjusting display type and audio settings, using Guest Mode, and assistance with software updates.
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Level 7

Media player 7/1/20 update

I just saw the Roku media player update. This interface is horrible and has much less functionality than the prior version. Plus, I don’t want all my videos displayed in one long single line. Please go back to the tile display of rows and columns.

Level 12

Re: Media player 7/1/20 update

The Media Player update adds nothing, changes the graphics, and removes the following features:

- No longer possible to use the system screensaver when audio / music tracks are playing. The Roku Media player "screensaver" for audio / music playback has static elements that will вurn in (permanently damage) on OLED and plasma television screens, and cause image retention on LED screens ("Repeat All" and "Shuffle" buttons).

Update - It's even worse... the Roku Media Player "screensaver" turns off and resets at the start of every new track. Since it only turns on after about 5 minutes, this means that it will hardly run at all... if all tracks are less than 5 minutes in length it will never turn on. It would be highly inadvisable to use the player to play back big music track playlists for long periods of time with a plasma or OLED television. Not a problem at all with the original Roku Media Player. What a sad and unnecessary loss.

- When audio / music is playing, it's no longer possible to seek. You can only press the << or >> buttons to jump ahead or back 30 seconds.

- When you stop playback of an audio track and start playback again, the media player no longer remembers where you left off and starts back at the beginning. I guess people who listen to audio books and pod casts are going to need a pen and paper.

- In List view, track titles are much shorter than they were with the original media player; they only display about 20 to 30 characters. Long titles can no longer be read.

In all, this is a downgrade disguised as an upgrade.

Roku Media Player is the only option for a DLNA client on Roku. Amazon Fire is Android and can sideload apps, so users have choices there. I will be looking into switching.

Level 13

Re: Media player 7/1/20 update

If you can run Plex instead of (or besides) your current DLNA server you might like the roku Plex client better than media player.

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Level 8

Re: Media player 7/1/20 update

It also broke loading large music libraries on all my roku express'.  I have about 12k mp3s. It used to load them fine to enable shuffling my entire library, now it gets to about 20% on the spinning progress wheel and progresses at a crawl, then stalls out entirely!


This is not tested, period. Cant be.

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