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Media Player

On Media Player, is there any way to...

1.) Have the shuffle last more than 10 seconds when cycling through pictures?  It would be nice if there was a sliding bar, or manual input, for seconds:minutes.  Ten seconds is too short.

2.) play music from Pandora, or another streaming music service.

Thaank you


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Re: Media Player

I would love to have more flexibility in defining the picture display time.   I used to have greater choices in my old networked DirecTV receivers, plus it would fade from one picture to the next instead of an abrupt switch.

Also the ability to play music of one's choice while viewing pictures is also something the DirecTV had that I've really missed.  

Alas, neither is available in the current implementation.  Maybe in the future, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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Re: Media Player

there are many flaws with the Roku Media Player version 5, some of them are minor some are "fatal".

the two that impact me the most:

1. the resume play marker never "dies".  if you are listening to an audio file and you exit and return it picks up where you left off.  that is fine in some instances but not in all.  as far as I can tell the only way to clear that marker is to select "start from the beginning" and immediately exit the file.  the resume play feature needs to be active only when you manually select the file or have an on/off toggle added to the setup. 

2. in continuous play the audio player stops playing after a few files when the screensaver is turned on.  it will only continue if you press a key on the remote.  so much for "continuous play".  the prior version 4 worked well with the native Roku screensaver.

Roku had been actively trying to fix the flaws but have now seemed to have given up.  there hasn't been an update to version 5 since early October of last year.