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Live TV Favorites doesn't do anything

On the live tv channel they have a bunch of free streaming channels. Most of them are garbage reruns but there are a few channels sprinkled out that I will watch. I was able to add them to my favorites just fine but there is nowhere to actually see a list of your favorite channels or access them more quickly so essentially the favorites function does absolutely nothing.

I found the above link of someone having the same problem and I followed those steps but the "antenna tv" and "favorites" options are not there. Additionally, on the live tv guide there is a box that says "all channels" that I assume should be able to be switched to something else, but there is no way to change it.

Am I crazy or did Roku just not implement this feature properly?

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Live TV Favorites doesn't do anything


Thanks for the post.

You can change the list of channels that appear in Live TV Channel Guide to show All ChannelsRecent Channels, or Favorite Channels. To switch the channel list, press the Left button on your Roku remote, followed by the Star button * and then make your selection.

For more information about Live TV, visit our Support page here: TV guide listings on Roku TV


Danny R.
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