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Latest update has ruined my roku

I bought a Roku Premier 2 months ago & it worked fine. Was very happy with the experience until now. After the latest update, it now no longer will connect to my wifi. It is impossible to watch any programming, I have several other devices in the same room on the same wifi that work fine, but roku is suddenly hopeless. It is impossible to watch any programming on this device, & at this point I feel pretty scammed by how terrible my experience has been.

Deeply regret not shelling out a little extra money for a apple TV, had no idea a random firmware update would render my device totally unusable, just 2 months after I purchased it. I've tried to reach most to customer service but clearly that is nonexistant. This "community" is a great way to attempt to outsource customer service, if say your product sucks & you don't care about helping people with these kinds of issues. How do you **bleep** up an update that bad?!? I'm tempted to throw the device out the window & never look back. Hands down the most frustrating experience in a long time, & all I wanted to do is relax & watch TV. Now I've burnt a whole evening troubleshooting this, just to find out,, there is no solution, tons of other people are having the same issue, & apparently nobody at Roku gives a **bleep**. Awesome. ROKU SUCKS, IF YOU'RE THINKING OF BUYING 1, it is useless garbage & easily the worst purchase i have made in YEARS, AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!!

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Re: Latest update has ruined my roku

And yet, many more people are NOT having this problem.

If you have a recently received Roku firmware version 9.3 and have a Linksys router, see if this post helps:
  • Roku Streaming Stick +, 3810X, Ser YH0059427035, wifi LivRm - Samsung UN55ES6100
  • Roku Streaming Stick, 3600X, Ser 5S56D8240827, wifi BedRm - JVC EM37T
  • Roku 3, 4200X, Ser 4124C7087583, wifi GstRm - Sanyo DP26640
  • Roku 2 XD, 3050X (collecting dust in a drawer)
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Level 9

Re: Latest update has ruined my roku

it's literally the only thing I see posts about on the forum. It seems like tons of people are having the issue. Spent all night googling & trying every fix possible. Did a complete factory reset & my device still does not connect to the network, that it previously used without issue before the update. At this point it pretty **bleep** tired of troubleshooting things, it seems pretty clear that the only difference between when my device worked fine, & my device being completely unusable, is the last update. Great for you if you're not experiencing this, because it is incredibly frustrating. At this point after 2 months as a customer it SEEMS LIKE, the device is trash & the company does not care about it's product or customers. Is there anybody out there who actually works for Roku in maybe some sort of a customer service capacity. That would care to comment here?!?!? If Roku customer service exists at all, it's been impossible to find up to this point.

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Re: Latest update has ruined my roku

We have been experiencing the same problem for nearly a month. Their customer service is similar to running in circles. The now infamous update 9.3.0, which none of us affected apparently have the ability to avoid, has rendered our Roku TV, our parents Roku TV and a few friends Roku TV's useless except for a few local channels able to be gotten using an external antenna. We can no longer access any of the streaming services we pay for. We have spent several hours on the phone and online trying to troubleshoot and research the problem, only to read (and hear) this is a known problem that has been going on since its initial push out earlier this year. Its not like its a few dollars spent on an external Roku device, this is affecting TV's costing several hundred dollars that have Roku built in, that until the horrid 9.3.0 debacle were working just fine, with no issues. At this point, we are tired of getting the run around and are ready to turn everything over to our legal representative to deal with. The frustration,  headaches and inconvenience - all at the hands of Roku and their latest update is beyond obnoxious!