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Re: Latest Roku Media Player update @ 30/6/2020

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@Gary-94080 wrote:

version 5.3 build 5 Aug 25, 2020

the RMP is still causing the Roku to lose audio.  so far it has been a half-dozen times requiring a system restart to get the audio back.

playing audio files with repeat and shuffle on, RMP will stop playing.  sometimes pressing play or restart from the beginning will get it started again.  sometimes it requires exiting RMP and restarting RMP.

also, I can verify the photo play problem.  it will not continuously play.  it does repeat but at some point RMP exits to the home menu.

Do you know how many songs you've played before losing audio? I left mine running for over 30 minutes without an issue. But I don't have a very large music collection, so perhaps the library size is the issue. I know the developers are aware of problems with large libraries. 

I'm using a new NAS I got to run Channels Plus DVR.  so far I have been only running it with about 10% of 4 Tb capacity.  I have only added selected files so I don't have a large number of media files on it.  the Roku does not have access to the DVR files. 

audio file folders run from one audio file to under 200.  total number of media files if all media selected is just under 700. 

the longest audio file is just under 4 hours, in a single folder. 

playing time could be from a few minutes to several hours when the problem appeared. 

I would have been changing tracks, changing folders, checking the restart of files, checking start from beginning, and checking replay at end of file.

OK, let's make sure @RokuChris is aware of it. 

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Re: Latest Roku Media Player update @ 30/6/2020

here is a new one:

no audio while using RMP.  no activity prior to using RMP other than to check for an update at the home page.  required a system restart to regain audio.

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