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Level 7

Lack of Adult Screensaver Filter

Why isn't there a feature available to filter the screensaver options? While searching for more animated fish and animal screensavers with our young daughter, we unexpectedly found ourselves stuck with having the uncomfortable conversation about why that lady in her bra and panties had her legs sticking out of the silky sheets. Come on, Roku! How difficult is it to have an adult filter or at least to not include those kinds of photos in the main list?

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Level 18

Re: Lack of Adult Screensaver Filter

This has been brought up before by irate parents.

I like the default Aquarium myself.

You can make a feature request here:

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Level 7

How do I remove certain unappropriate screensavers off of "recomendations"

While exploring screensaver I noticed a couple recommendations for screensavers that are very inappropriate. HOW DO I REMOVE THEM???? I have a child that does not need to come across these nude and almost nude screensavers...also why in the world is it recommending those to me, im a single parent and no one has ever even loaded stuff like that up on the roku. We have a roku in 3 rooms. My child's room is one of them. I already have a pin set for rating and purchases. And i have looked for a way to remove these and see no way to. I do not have the channel itself, but they are very visible on the screensaver channels.