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Issues with channel 2 (Fox) on Spectrum TV in St. Louis

I have 4 Roku Express + devices that are blurry/grainy on channel 2 (Fox) in St. Louis with Spectrum TV.  I also have 2 Roku TVs that do not have issues with channel 2.  I have talked to Spectrum and they say there's nothing wrong on their end of it.  Has anyone had any issues like this?  What can I try to fix it?

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Level 7

Re: Issues with channel 2 (Fox) on Spectrum TV in St. Louis

YES! Similar problems with my Roku sticks (both of them).

And this morning, Roku is showing a PowerXL air fryer infomercial on Channel 2 instead of "News in the Morning" (guide shows the news show). Antenna and Tivo (with Spectrum card) are both showing the news as usual.

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