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Issues after latest update: Build 4183-46

I was having audio sync issues so I figured I’d check for updates via system before doing a restart. There was an system update- software version: 9.4.0 Build 4183-46. I proceeded with update. After update and auto restart it now takes forever for channels to load. A good minute. I get a circle that cycles clockwise while channels are loading. My channels never took this long to load! My sound was also so low I could hardly hear Netflix. I checked other channels and while they too take a long time to load, the sound was normal. I tried restarting the roku to no avail. I decided to look in settings at audio, my audio was no longer on stereo. I’m not positive it was on stereo before but I tried changing it to stereo and my sound is back to normal. Unfortunately the channel loading is still unresolved and taking what feels like forever to load.

Roku Ultra - 4660X

Software Version - 9.4.0 Build 4183-46

Using a Samsung TV with a Vizio Soundbar.

Prior to update the only issue was audio sync and that was only within the last hour. Completed the update and wish I would have tried a simple restart first as that probably would have resolved the sync issue. Update/restart corrected the sync issue but caused new problems with sound setting being changed and overly long channel loading times.

Please correct this roku. I’m not sure what you did in this latest update but it’s causing issues. Find the issue and fix it. I feel like I’m dealing with Microsoft updates with Windows now. Roku updates of the past have only ever resolved problems- IF there was one, never caused me problems. 

If I’m forced to do a factory reset, would that really change things? 
Would the software revert back? And if it would, how would we stop it from simply updating to this version all over again?

smdh. I loathe software updates. My stomach churns just knowing I need to update, whether it’s windows, iOS or now it would seem roku. A necessary evil, but evil nonetheless.


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Re: Issues after latest update: Build 4183-46

UPDATE: While posting my original post, my roku went to ‘sleep’ and was on my screen saver. When I went back in to home screen and then to Netflix the loading issue was gone. Seems ‘sleep’ or standby mode or whatever you choose to call it, fixed what a restart didn’t. No issues now.

Additionally, we were having issues with roku in livingroom so we checked and completed the same update. On restart, sound was really low. Went into roku audio settings and it was on stereo, changed it to DTS to see if that would work and it did. It seems like the update is changing the audio setting to whichever it was NOT using before the update. Channel loading is really slow like it was on my other roku after the update. I’m confident that once it goes into sleep mode or standby or whatever, that this will resolve the issue the same way it did on my other roku. This is a roku ultra as well in the livingroom.

I hope this helps other users. If you’re audio is low, go into roku settings and try changing the selected audio. If it’s DTS, try stereo. If it’s stereo, try DTS. And standby/sleep mode should resolve the slow loading, at least it did for me.

I hope this helps the roku devs.

I will only update further if slow channel loading doesn’t resolve itself on ‘waking’ on the livingroom roku. So if I do not update this again then you know it worked and the slow loading of channels was, indeed, resolved by the sleep/standby mode and waking/turning back on.

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Re: Issues after latest update: Build 4183-46

Try running another software update via Settings > System > System update > Check now.  I always do this after receiving a new Roku software update and it usually updates a bunch of channels to accommodate the new Roku version.

I have received Roku 9.4.0 on all three of my active devices, immediately followed by an additional manual update on all of them, and have had no problems.

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Re: Issues after latest update: Build 4183-46

Thank you for the tip. I did as you suggested, but it said it was all up to date, so no additional updates to update. But thank you and I did try your suggestion. It’s all working fine now. It somehow messed with my Soundbar setting as well, which was really frustrating for me. I hate playing with it, trying to get voices up and background lower. This Vizio bar I have, while 3 channel, is not as good as I’d hoped. Always have issues with getting the sound right. Of course as soon as I had the Vizio a few months then roku came out with theirs. Not getting rid of the Vizio after what I paid, I’ll suck it up and stick it out. It’s just super odd that this update messed everything up, I’ve never had that issue in all my years with roku, nearly 10 now. And my livingroom TV doesn’t use a Soundbar yet the audio was messed up with that one as well after update. 2 completely different TV manufacturers too, so it’s not just Samsung or a certain brand. After fixing settings and letting the rokus cycle off/sleep and turning them back on the loading issue with channels was gone. Now it’s just playing with my Soundbar until I get it right. Next time I’ll unplug my Soundbar from the roku before doing any update. It’s just strange that it caused so many issues. Anyhoo, many thanks for your tip!