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Is there any advantage on changing the chroma?

I was looking through the advance video settings of my Roku Ultra and I found that the chroma subsampling can be modified and set as 4.2.0 or 4.2.2. I believe by default the device was set to 4.2.0. is there any advantage on changing the chroma to 4.2.2 if most movies and shows content use 4.2.0. Also, why is 4.2.0 doing 10bit and when using 4.2.2 it switches down to 8bit, doesn't the Roku Ultra's HDMI has enough bandwidth to do 4.2.2 in 10bit. Thanks in advance 

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Level 8

Re: Is there any advantage on changing the chroma?

I've been wondering the same thing.

From what I can see, it only seems to affect the Roku and maybe some apps because it automatically changed to 4:2:2 when I went to watch an SDR anime on Funimation.

I have "HDR always on" set to "off" and "change refresh rate" to "on".

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