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Is their a windows 10 app that will control a roku device

So i know this is a silly question, but I am looking for a windows 10 app that will function as a network controller for the roku (like on the phone where you pick the roku and hit remote)

The reason i need this is that in my office I have two roku devices, one connected to the main setup and one on the console TV from the 80s behind me lol. the problem is the IR signals will bounce around and control both, as far as i know i cannot pair any of my old non IR remotes with the express+

So in a sense i want to have a program to control the one connected to the PC desk so i can cover the IR port and then just use the IR remote for the Ancient 80's home theater setup lol. Both devices are roku express+ devices i replaced some ones that i think were 6 years old and barely functional speed wise but i cannot get their multi directional remotes to pair to the express+ so i assume it does not support the non IR type of remote.

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Re: Is their a windows 10 app that will control a roku device

Not silly at all..

You can use web based remote.  I use it from my Windows 10 laptop and lots of other devices... Chromebook, Android phone, old Blackberry (great mini keyboard) phone.

Personally for your case described I would just use an old phone.  An old wifi enabled phone would fit in great with 80's home theater!

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