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Is Roku 3500eu same as other 3500 models?

Hello, I've been offered a free 3500eu model streaming stick.

As per the subject title - is this the same as other 3500 models? Like 3500X?

I ask as I'm hoping to get the Disney+ app which the 3500X is compatible with but I can't find any specific mention of the 3500eu.

Or should I just get a newer model? I'm not needing 4K so don't need newest versions really.

Thanks for any help :-)

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Re: Is Roku 3500eu same as other 3500 models?

I'm assuming the EU means it is designed for the European market. The basic hardware should be the same, but it's possible the firmware may be a bit different. In this age of digital TV, I'm not sure if there any slightly different video formats (50p vs 60p?) anymore.

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