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Interface to switch HDMI inputs

I am seeking a way to add Roku in the living room.  We have it in 2 rooms and I really like the Roku interface and I find it superior to the interfaces on the other appliances.  The TCL TV with Roku has spoiled me.  In the living room, however, we have a beautiful "dumb" plasma TV with 2 HDMI inputs.  One HDMI is used for the cable box and the other for the DVD player.  Adding a Roku player means unplugging another device and that is a hassle.  

Ideally, I would like to get a Roku player that has HDMI inputs so I can plug the other boxes into the Roku and use the Roku player as the primary interface (like I can with the TCL TV).  However, I do not believe there is available a Roku player with HDMI inputs.  

Alternatively, perhaps I could replace the DVD/BluRay play with a version that has an HDMI input to allow connection of the Roku player, or maybe both the Roku and cable box (that would mean a single interface for all 3 activities).  Even better would be a disc player that runs on Roku, but I do not believe that is available.

I am surprised that there is no product that attempts to be my "home base" for my AV system.  Seems like the Roku interface design is so far ahead of the others that such a device would be a hit.  I do see AVRs that offer HDMI switching, but I already have a 2-channel system that I also use for the TV optical audio output.    

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