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I wish the Streaming Sticks have more channel storage space

According to Wikipedia, the 2017 HD Stick (3800X) continue to have 256MB flash for channel storage, just like the 2016 HD Stick (3600X).  There's no micro SD slot, so no way to expand storage.

In contrast the 4K Stick+ (3810X), and all the boxes with micro SD slot (ironically), come with 512MB or more.

With a family account having 50+ channels (no games), I'm noticing that the HD Sticks are frequently reloading anything but the few most recently used channels.  That's too bad, as the 4K Stick+ doesn't seem to have that problem.

Are channels getting bigger these days with SceneGraph or NDK?

Is there a secret screen that shows the size of each channel?

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Level 8

Re: I wish the Streaming Sticks have more channel storage space

Do the Roku TV's (specifically the 2017 TCL models) have flash storage capacity somewhere between the HD Sticks (256MB) and 4K Stick+ (512MB)?  Perhaps 384MB?

With 50-60+ channels, the HD Sticks reload channels almost all the time, while the TCL's (ex. 75C807) seem to reload occasionally.  The 4K Stick+, basically never.

I wish the 2017 devices without expandable micro SD channel storage (ie. the TV's and Sticks) would have at least 512MB built in, to handle today's modern SceneGraph/NDK channels Smiley Sad  Seems a minor upgrade for a noticeable user experience improvement.
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