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I need a self-sufficient roku device

My Samsung "smart" TV is 5 years old. It's never really been all that intelligent, but it's getting slower and glitchier day by day.

I'm looking for a streaming device that runs its own apps and just sends a video feed to the TV display.

I realize this is a weird question, but if you've ever watched a movie with the audio intermittently going silent, you'll know my pain. Or how it consistently takes at least 3 seconds for the show to freeze after you've pressed pause.

Will any of the Roku devices fill my need, or will my dumb TV get in the way?

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Level 13

Re: I need a self-sufficient roku device

Yes, all of the roku streaming devices will do that.   Find the wifi or ethernet features you want:

Alternatively, an Apple TV, Amazon fire stick or cube, or Android TV device would work as well with slight differences in the features and apps they support.

But, just guessing - your problem may be your internet or wifi speed instead of the app the TV is running.

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