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How to fix Spanish subtitles when the system is set to English subtitles?

I struggle to hear the dialogue in most all movies and shows. I rely on English subtitles to understand what they’re saying. For some reason recently, all my subtitles across multiple apps have changed to Spanish and I cannot get them to change back to English. The Roku system caption language setting is English. I’ve gone through the apps themselves to change subtitles to English and that doesn’t work either. Anyone know how to fix this? 

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Community Manager

Re: How to fix Spanish subtitles when the system is set to English subtitles?

@ikia2034  Thanks for the note here. A few more questions here:

- Is your Roku's system language set to English? If so, and you are still seeing closed captions in Spanish, it's possible that this may need to be adjusted within the specific channel(s) settings themselves. Some channels manage closed caption settings independently from your Roku's settings. Changing the option inside each channel may help resolve the issue.

- What specific streaming channel(s) are you using when you see this issue? 

- What model of Roku device are you using? 

Please keep us posted from there and we'll continue assisting you.  




Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager
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