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Home screen with Netflix, Hulu etc.

Hi...I hope I am in the right area to ask this question...or present my issue.    I purchased the Roku Streaming Stick + and installing it on my smart TV.   In doing so, I had to pick channels, this that and whatever.  I also had to put my credit card info in (Otherwise I could not continue).   When I now go to the home screen, I have Netflix, Hulu and others listed on there, which I understand has to be paid for.   I have no desire to watch or use Hulu, Netflix or any of those others that cost additional dollars, I just want to utilize the free programming and also the Spectrum TV app (my main TV uses Spectrum) to watch television.   Is there any way to eliminate those Hulu, Netflix etc. apps off the main screen so they are not accessible and secondly, since they are there, am I going to be billed for having them???  Again, I do not watch or want those items.   I do know the remote has those 4 'channels' on there but I would like to take them off of the Roku home screen and not be billed.   

Hopefully this makes sense, as I am new to all of this, and someone would have some opinion on what I can do.

Thank you for your time and help


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