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Help me choose a new Roku?

I have a Roku XS (the 3100x). Obviously it's very old. It has recently decided that absolutely anything I have uploaded to Plex it is unable to play because the quality is too high to stream.


I am on a weird wifi system - it would cost me a lot of money to get dsl lines run to my home (I live in a stationary rv) so I had the modem installed at my friend's place (who owns the property) and then I use a couple of nanostations to broadcast the wifi over here on the other side of the property). I've had some buffering issues when streaming from Plex (virtually none on Netflix though), and assumed it was related to the wifi, but now Roku a) must be unplugged and replugged in every time I turn the tv on and b) won't stream anything from Plex, no matter how low I make the quality. So I must assume it's on its way to the Roku graveyard.


I looked online to replace it, and am mightily confused about what to replace it with. Assume (rightly so) that I am a tech idiot. My current XS is attached to my tv with an HMDI cable, but I see now that they appear to be "sticks" that plug into a USB port (in the tv I assume). I do not have a smart tv, but a benignly stupid one that came preinstalled in my 2017 model rv. The tv does have USB ports, BUT I can't watch a movie loaded onto a thumb drive using any of those ports, I can only look at pictures or listen to music apparently. Does this mean my tv is too stupid to to use the streaming stick?


Please advise. I can't get cable (obvz) and I want to be able to watch GoT when it airs again this year Smiley Happy Thank you!

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