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Guest at Airbnb changed settings and need help getting it back to my account

My last guest at an Airbnb changed the account to theirs on my RokuTV.   My account works at 2 locations.  My home still works fine.  But I can't get all 4 of the "who's watching" things they entered deleted from my Airbnb TV.  Should I start over with signing in to my account at the Airbnb?  Do I need to do a factory reset and start over?  I'm not sure since it's working fine at one location.  I'm 75 years old, pretty good with tech considering, but this is above my pay grade.  I'll be working on it tomorrow, and if no one can help, I can ask a younger techie to help, but I'll have to pay him.  Another friend gave me a code to use with just the arrows on the remote.  Haven't had a chance to try it yet.  I live in a different state.  I will drive back over tomorrow.  7/20/21

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Re: Guest at Airbnb changed settings and need help getting it back to my account


A factory reset would achieve your goal.

By the way, did you put the Roku in Guest Mode ahead of their arrival? It's designed for exactly what you're doing: letting another user utilize your Roku with their account.


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