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Google Assistant not controlling Roku

When I first set this up earlier today, it was working great but now all it will do now is tell me there was an error and it is unable to control my device.  What can I do to get this to work again?

I have restarted my Roku 2720x, have reset both my cable modem and router (in case it was an internet problem}, have completed a factory reset on my 2720x, have unlinked from my Google Assistant and relinked the account to my Google Assistant device, and unlinked my device from the Roku account and linked it back up.  I have tried everything I can think of to try to fix the problem.  Thank you for any assistance you can provide with this issue.

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Re: Google Assistant not controlling Roku

I too had this working fine and then all of a sudden it stopped working.  Nothing changed from my end.  However, I believe that the firmware on the roku was updated to v9 from v8 (don't know exact versions).  Because when I first set it up, I checked the firmware out of curiousity and recall it being 8.something.  Perhaps it is region specific (I am in Canada) or something else but all I get is errors and like the OP, I have reset everything and started from scratch.  My device is a Premiere+.

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