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Find my remote button seems completely useless

so today (9/11/2020) I got my Roku Ultra and I wanted to test the new feature of the find the remote button. [Version 9.3.0]

so I discover it’s completely useless 80% of the time it spins infinitely sending out a signal.


20% it says “it sent and you have 60 seconds to press any button on the remote” and no sound.


Only time it only works is when the remote is POINTED at the Roku it self and 2 feet between it then it will play sound. I find this feature worthless. If It can’t send a Bluetooth signal up to 6-7 feet but can detect when the buttons are being pressed around 20 feet. Why bother adding this feature? Roku Ultra (4660, 4661, 4662 series) 

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