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Does the Roku have button for page up/down

When in the Spectrum app have to go channel by channel on my Roku app. Cannot find a button on it that will give me page up or down for the channels. This remote came with the Roku tv. Tired of going one channel at a time.  Anyone know a shortcut other than just programming  your favorite channels in..  Sometimes just like to browse and see what’s on.  Any help appreciated.  

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Re: Does the Roku have button for page up/down

Usually Fast Forward (>>) and Rewind (<<) act as page down/up, but each channel may or may not use those buttons in that fashion.

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Re: Does the Roku have button for page up/down

Most Roku's support a page up/page down remote code, but few remotes have it. I have a universal remote that I programmed and it does work on the Roku screens and some channels, but not all.

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Re: Does the Roku have button for page up/down

Yes there is a way with a few caveats.  From any channel, press the purple left arrow will bring up what I call the mini guide that takes half the screen and gives channel name, number and current program you are watching.  You can advance by page using the fast forward or rewind buttons on the remote.  However, when advancing pages, it skips four channels (i.e. starting from the mini guide at channel 2 displays 2-6, then advancing a page displays 12-20 and in my case 7, 8, 9 and 11 are skipped).  You can use the purple arrows to scroll one by one to get the missing channels.  This applies to the Spectrum TV app using Roku built into the TV and a Roku stick.  I reached out to Spectrum and they pointed the finger at Roku.

The other method is the full guide (black left arrow on remote and navigate to guide) which unfortunately only will let you advance channels one by one.  Hopefully Spectrum/Roku are watching and can put their heads together on this.  Hard to imagine this hasn't been brought up and shouldn't be too hard to fix/implement.

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