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Does anyone else have a major problem with the new Roku TV ads?

I turned on my Roku TV today, which defaults to go to the main-menu / input-switcher screen...  and see this new ad to the right of my input-list with a movie cover of a half-naked tattooed man.  I don't know about you, but I don't want my kids to see a random movie cover everytime they turn on the TV.  I can think of many that would be much worse.  Furthermore I don't want to see an ad for anything other than free movies ever, as I have never paid apple/roku/google/anyone else to stream a movie, and I am never going to...  so please don't "update" my TV to show new ads for paid content when there were none before!!!


Is there anyway to manually downgrade the firmware of my Roku TV and prevent it from updating again?


It should be illegal for them to add new ads to the input-menu on my TV!  (it probably isn't though)

It should be illegal for them to update my TV to start showing pictures of shirtless tattooed men (or knives dripping with blood, or anything not g-rated) to my kids (and I think that is illegal!!!)


Does anyone else out there have a major problem with this update?

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