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Do new Roku's have a Zoom feature?

I have a Roku 2 and I have a 32" widescreen TV and I DON'T WATCH MOVIES ON MY LAPTOP. What I'm trying to find out is whether any of the new Rokus offer the feature I have on my DVD player to ZOOM in on a scene in a movie or more importantly to enlarge the credits at the end of a movie so I can read them without standing in front of the TV SCREEN. Also, does any Roku run at a faster speed so I can watch a 2-hour movie in 1 hour 20 minutes and still understand the audio and still have subtitles or SLOW DOWN a scene, to see when something important happens. 

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Re: Do new Roku's have a Zoom feature?

I believe the answer to both of your questions is no. Even the Roku TVs don't have a zoom function. And since a Roku is primarily designed to stream from the Internet, there's no way to tell the source to send it faster. I recognize that some web sites will allow altering the playback speed using their own web player, both faster and slower, but that requires configuration on the server side that most sites don't offer. 
I understand your desire, as my Insignia TV is only 24", but I've never seen a media streamer with a zoom feature. Displays, yes, and of course your DVD player example. But not streaming players. I also have an Nvidia Shield, and it doesn't offer a zoom. Nor did my older Sony N-200 media streamer. 
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