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Do any Roku boxes/sticks have a headphone jack ON the box/stick?

Hi folks...

(I searched and searched, but all my searches reference the headphone jack on the remote.)

I have a TV without a headphone jack and really crappy internal speakers.  I have a Roku remote (Streaming Stick+) with a headphone jack on it...but that's not what I need.

I want to add a powered speaker, using the speaker's 3.5mm (or RCA) input.  I know getting a soundbar with HDMI or digital sound IN would solve my problems, but I'd like to get the Roku to work with the powered speaker I already have.

I suppose I could use the 3.5mm jack on the Roku remote but that means the remote would be across the room by the TV and no good to me.  (Is it possible to pair TWO remotes to a Roku streaming stick?)


Are there any Roku boxes/sticks that have a headphone jack ON THE BOX/STICK?  This would be ideal because the Roku's remote would probably control the volume.

Next best would be a Roku with RCA outputs.

Finally, I guess I could use an HDMI box that extracts the audio, but that's not ideal either.


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