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Different Ultra and Apple

Tough question to answer, since so many variables are in effect. I've never played with the Apple, so can only provide observations from my Ultra.
I have a number of Blu Ray movies ripped to my media server, and they are bit by bit copies, and not compressed. The Ultra handles the video stream with no issue, with some having peak bitrates over 70 Mbps. This is over wired Ethernet, so approaching the 100BaseT speed limit. Wireless can actually be faster. If the Apple has gigabit Ethernet, that could be a plus if you have local media. Shouldn't be a factor for Internet streaming, as nothing have been found yet that would max out 100BaseT. YouTube is the highest bitrates I've seen, with some 4K videos exceeding 40 Mbps.
Neither device support Dolby Vision, if you're looking for that. Neither device will passthrough HD audio from local media. I do know the Roku will pass the DTS core audio from a Master Audio track without requiring transcoding. The Apple might, but I have no knowledge about that.
With Apple, you become tied to iTunes and the Apple infrastructure. For local media there is an app called Infuse that plays most content. But you are limited to only apps that can be installed from iTunes. With Roku, you have many more choices available, not only from the official Roku store, but private channels as well.

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