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Level 7

Deam Ultra Expansion

I have 5 256g USB 3 Flash Drives with my movies. I can only have one connected at a time to the USB port on my fiber supplied - Ethernet connected Ultra - so I am playing with various hubs - they all have compatibility issues - I wish there was a version of the Ultra that would allow lots of USB memory to be connected directly - or a powered compatible powered high quality hub so I could have it all connected and have room for expansion! Roku Rocks!

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Level 18

Re: Deam Ultra Expansion

I'm not a Roku Developer but Im pretty sure there are software

limitations to mounting that much extra space. You could make it a feature request....

What I do is run a HDMI cable from one of my computers directly to my TV. That

way I can mirror Terrabytes of movies,video and what not.

This way I dont run into comparability problems either.

There might be better Hardware solutions Im just not familiar because what

I have works for me.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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