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Comparing Roku Ultra with TCL 75S425

I am contemplating purchasing a TCL 75S425 75" TV. I currently happen to own a 70" Vizio "smart TV." I have found that while the Vizio allowed me to install my most popular app, Plex, its interface paled in comparison to that of the Roku Ultra. One particular thing I really like about using the Roku Ultra is that I can DirectStream 4K HDR HEVC titles from Plex without any issue, but they will NOT play directly with the Vizio. I'm not sure if that is why I lack the trust of a player built into a TV, but I was curious as to the "horsepower" of the built-in Roku player of the TCL 4K TV with that of a stand-alone Roku Ultra.  

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Re: Comparing Roku Ultra with TCL 75S425

I can tell you I have an Ultra and am quite happy with its performance.

I'm old school my way of thinking feels too many options and bells and whistles

leaves much more to go wrong. I dont really know what the current market is

but the thought of a "smart TV" doesnt appeal to me at all.


---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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