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Close Caption

Is there a way to permanently disable close caption? Yes I did go into settings and change it numerous times. A couple of channels somehow activate it, as in The Archive\ Thrillgore. It is very annoying.

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Re: Close Caption

Both The Archive and Thrillgore seem to have had development of the Roku channel code contracted out to a company called dotstudioPRO.  My guess is both are sharing reused code and therefore you are seeing the same bugs or "features" in both.  Roku OS will always honor the channel's code over the settings so this will probably have to be addressed by dotstudioPRO.

You can try reaching out to dotstudioPRO directly on their contact page:

You could also try including them on a tweet about your experience.  The twitter handle is @dotstudioPRO

You may also get better results in contacting the video redistribution customers that dotstudioPRO created the channels for since they might be more willing to listen to bug reports from their direct customers.

For The Archive, the video redistribution site seems to be Multicom Entertainment Group, Inc. with a contact webpage at:

For Thrillgore the video redistribution site seem to be Future Today with a contact us webpage at:

If you are looking for a polished and well maintained channel for ad funded content then you might be better off looking at Roku's own channel at: ... ku-channel
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Re: Close Caption

Thanks for the info.
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