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Re: City Scroll Movie Magic NEW Screensaver

The big question for me is "where's the poster?". Of this screen saver. Now that would be awesome!!

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Re: City Scroll Movie Magic NEW Screensaver

Just adding my praise and appreciation for the wonderful Roku screensaver. It delights me every time I pause to watch it. Thank you!

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How can I download the "City Scroll Movie Magic" Screensaver to my roku?

How do i download the beautiful yet amazing Screensaver called "City Scroll Magic" to my Roku's?

I cannot.seem to find it anywhere and I would love to have it, thanks! Smiley Happy

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Re: City Scroll Movie Magic NEW Screensaver

The person in the window with binoculars = Rear Window

Leg Lamp in window = Christmas Story

Restaurant scene = Lady and the Tramp

The building with the two points is the AT&T building here in Nashville.  We call it the "Batman Building".

I don't know the others. 

Hope this helps

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Re: City Scroll Movie Magic NEW Screensaver

Just got a Roku for the first time (Nov 2020) and think I found all the Easter Eggs in the screensaver but may be missing one or two.

Roku Screensaver Movie Easter Eggs

  1. Pixar lamp on ball in bottom left window of Roku Building
  2. Time Square in NYC or Tokyo Japan city billboards (seen in many movies)
  3. Hollywood Mountain (seen in many movies)
  4. Wizard of Oz Emerald City with yellow brick road with Dorothy, scarecrow, lion and Tinman walking towards city. (Emerald city also looks like Asgard from the Thor marvel movies)
  5. Pirates of Caribbean Ship with Kraken tentacles
  6. Jaws boat and fin
  7. Alcatraz Prison from Escape from Alcatraz staring Clint Eastwood.
  8. San Francisco Triangle Building, Alcatraz Building and Golden Gate Bridge may be reference to all the Dirty Harry movies staring Clint Eastwood.
  9. Submarine from the Hunt for red October movie staring Sean Connery
  10. Titanic with Iceberg from Movie
  11. Movie Theater from Majestic movie staring Jim Carrey
  12. Jurassic Park movie poster on right side of theater
  13. Independence Day movie poster on left side of theater
  14. UFO destroying Big Ben Clock building from Mars Attacks Movie
  15. Daily Planet Building from Superman’s city of metropolis
  16. Avengers / Stark Tower Building with Iron Man flying out of it
  17. Sleepless in Seattle reference - Space needle, moon and Empire State Building
  18. King Kong on Empire State Building fighting planes
  19. Iron Giant, Sci Fi or Pacific Rim Robot
  20. Godzilla and also a possible reference to the giant monsters in Pacific Rim fighting the robot
  21. Devils thumb mountain from close encounters of the 3rd Kind movie located by Godzilla
  22. Ghostbusters Building
  23. Back to the Future clock tower and hoverboard on steps
  24. Diner from multiple movies like mighty ducks, forever young
  25. Psycho House (also looks like Adams Family House)
  26. Death Star from Star Wars located above Hollywood mountain nest to UFO.
  27. Island with volleyball from Cast Away
  28. Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory in background by San Francisco triangle building
  29. Spider-Man Swinging on Chrysler Building (thought of Tarzan also but most likely just our friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man)
  30. Dr Who phone booth time machine called Tardis (in front of back to the future clock tower building symbolizing time travel theme of both)
  31. Lady’s leg with man in background in top right window of lady and the tramp restaurant building from the movie The Graduate staring Dustin Hoffman
  32. Christmas Story leg lamp in window above forest gump bus bench
  33. Guy with binoculars in barbershop window from the movie Rear Window staring Jimmy Stewart
  34. 3 Smoke stack warehouse from Conspiracy Theory staring Mel Gibson
  35. Northern Lights (seen in many movies)
  36. Golden Gate Bridge (Seen in many movies)
  37. Dragon flying over volcano from end scene of Lord of the Rings The Two Towers movie
  38. Merry Poppins flying in air holding her umbrella by Hollywood mountain
  39. New York City Skyline including Freedom tower (seen in many movies)
  40. Umbrella and light pole from singing in the rain movie staring Duck Van **bleep** (Building with Umbrella in front looks like the Umbrella Academy building / house but can’t be because that show was made after Roku screensaver was designed, but it does look like it)
  41. Park Bench with box of chocolates from Forest Gump
  42. Lady and the tramp restaurant table and setting
  43. Monsters Inc building from Disney Cartoon by daily planet building
  44. Barber shop from Barber Shop movies and sign from Sweeney Todd movie as well
  45. 3 of the ninja turtles hiding at warehouse and trash can with eyes
  46. Trash can with eyes also a reference to Oscar the grouch from Sesame Street
  47. Radio Tower from various movies
  48. Building to left of Chrysler building is Gotham City building, Batman is standing on top left corner of building
  49. Hindenburg Blimp from various movies or could be sky Captain and the world of tomorrow blimp
  50. London Eye Farris wheel looking structure. There is an exact replica of it in Vegas as well called the high roller (both are seen in many movies)

- Dean West

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Re: City Scroll Movie Magic NEW Screensaver

The glowing eyes are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smiley Happy

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Re: City Scroll Movie Magic NEW Screensaver

The diner is from The Blob. It is complete with the "blob" like black looking "stuff" behind it. In the classic version of the 50s movie, the blob covered the looked like cotton candy at one point! Lol.

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Re: City Scroll Movie Magic NEW Screensaver

Actually, since the others near it are for Superhero movies, I think that's the "Baxter building" from Fantastic Four, because next is the Daily Planet building from Superman, and next is the Avengers building, but then there's the devil's tower from Close Encounters, before the giant crocodile from Rampage, and the northern lights from Frequency, but the Golden Gate bridge could be from dozens of movies.

I'm sure there are many more in the other buildings above the waterline at the top.

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Re: City Scroll Movie Magic NEW Screensaver

I'm pretty sure the bright electric signs on the buildings are a homage the Blade Runner.

@dmperry wrote:

the electrified building emoji movie

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Ninja Turtles

Why did roku think it was a good thing to only put 3 ninja turtles in and leave out mikey like come on you guys need to add him to it!!!

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