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Casting to Roku Express

I'm trying to cast from an App pn my phone (The FA Player). When I hit the cast button I can select my Roku. When I do the TV flashes up with the 'Play on Roku' screen for a second before dumping me back onto the home screen.

I've tried restetting both devices but no luck. Please help!

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Re: Casting to Roku Express

I would like to know if anyone has success casting FA player WSL (English women's soccer -- free if you have internet) to Roku (give me another motivation to see if I can ever get my "Ultra" working...).

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Re: Casting to Roku Express

I also can’t cast the FA Player on ROKU. I have tried to find it on their streamer list and have put it into their search engine to no avail.

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Re: Casting to Roku Express


Looks like FA Player is currently available as an Android or Apple App. ( They do not have a Channel/app developed for the Roku platform.

If you find that you cannot cast/mirror with your mobile device natively to your Roku device, you can try using Web Video Caster. (  You install this receiver Channel on your Roku device and the accompanying App on your mobile device.  You can then cast online content to your Roku device over wireless (wifi).

Alternatively, you can just use a HDMI cable from your laptop or phone to your TV and stream from their webiste. (

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