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Can't change channels properly anymore?

I have a Roku TV (it is about 4 years old).  I use it with an antenna to watch local TV channels.  The display changed today, and I keep getting a pop up message on the screen telling me that the left arrow now will get me to the channel guide.  That's the only thing that seems to have changed, but now I can't change channels properly.   When I push the up or down arrow, the channel I'm on just flickers in and out until I hit the button over a dozen times, and then it only moves one channel.  Before, if I hit the up or down button multiple times, the channel would also change that same number of times.  Also, it used to have little hearts next to the channels I watched the most, and they would appear first before all the other channels as I changed channels.  Now that's gone, so I have to try to flip through all the channels to get to the ones I want while experiencing this very annoying hang up.  The remote that came with the TV does not have numbers, so I can't go directly to a channel.  What in the world happened?  How can I fix this?!  It's making my TV unwatchable!

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