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Can't Get "Captions" to stay OFF

I have 6 Roku 3's.  I can't get the captions to stay OFF.  I have reset them multiple times in "settings" "Captions mode" and they keep coming back.  It appears that Plex is the culprit.  I turn off "Captions,"  go to a lot of channels, checking the caption setting after each one.  I go to Plex, and "Captions" are back on.  This is a recent development. Is this a known problem?  Anybody?

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Re: Can't Get "Captions" to stay OFF

I'm having the same issue. I thought it was sling causing the issue as that's where I'm seeing it but I use Plex a lot as well so maybe I misdiagnosed the culprit.
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Level 8

Re: Can't Get "Captions" to stay OFF

I have the same problem; captioning just keeps turning itself on randomly, and I have neither Plex nor Sling.  What the hell keeps turning on the captioning?  Major annoying.
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Re: Can't Get "Captions" to stay OFF

Captions can get turned on by several apps. 
I know Plex does it under some circumstances. 
Emby does it unless captions are explicitly off in both the Emby app and the Emby server when Emby detects a valid caption stream either external (srt) or internal in something like an MKV container.
Sling can do it.
Playstation VUE can do it.
There are probably many others.

Roku and the app developers must work together somehow to fix this annoying behavior. 

The problem really started when Roku required developers to respect the Roku settings and the apparently eased up on that requirement a bit by allowing apps to alter the caption state on Roku.
The simplest solution would be to return control to the apps and not allow an app to ever alter the Roku's setting. The second best would be to require the app to always return the Roku to the state it was in when the app started.

No matter what I believe that it is laziness on the part of the app developers that will not put the Roku captions back the way it was found on startup as well as arrogance on the part of Roku to try to insist that Roku, not the apps, should be in total control of captions.

Fixing the problem seems to be technically quite easy. The hard part will be cooperation between Roku and the developers as at least one of them will have to be willing to give up some control.
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