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Can I force Roku unit into "sleep mode"?

By that, I mean, rather than waiting for the unit to go to sleep automatically after a period of time, is there some button combination or use of a button (e.g., holding for a few seconds) that will shut down the Roku unit so that the green indicator light goes off?

I'm currently in a trial of Sling TV.  I am having a problem with it allowing me to stream more than device at the same time.  The trial is, supposedly, for Sling Blue (allowing three simultaneous streams), but my Sling "Payment History" account just notes that I'm in a trial (free trial code number on same "payment" line entry).  Maybe there's a bug that will clear up after I start actually paying for Blue.  However, last night I went to all my TVs, opened Roku, made sure I put it at Roku's Home screen for every TV. By the time I got to my last TV, it informed me that I needed to deactivate one of the devices that warning listed.  I had trouble watching Sling on two TVs if I tried to do so just after moving my TV viewing to another TV/room.  It seems that Sling is reading the Roku--even though it is set on Home--as if I am still accessing Sling.  Things get better when the Roku unit indicator light goes off, i.e., into its sleep mode.

Initially, I thought that hitting the Roku Home button would do the trick of disengaging Sling TV, and for a short while it seemed it was.  But after my experimental work last night (placing all Roku units on Home) I don't think this is working.

So, is forcing a Roku into sleep mode possible?
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