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Level 7

Build 9.3 causes MAJOR input lag when gaming

Since the auto update to 9.3 game mode doesn't seem to work properly and thus there is now significant input lag when gaming. A factory reset only temporarily fixes this. Please is there any word on when this update will be fixed or if I can downgrade to an earlier build?

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Level 7

Re: Build 9.3 causes MAJOR input lag when gaming

I am having the same issue! The only reason i bought this tv is for the low input lag and now it is unusable for the purposes i use it for.

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Level 10

Re: Build 9.3 causes MAJOR input lag when gaming

Ever since 9.3.0 I have had issue with gamemode, randomly upon switching inputs  game mode breaks.

By this I mean my pc and console input have gamemode "on" but it actual disable, IF you switch gamemode from on to off and vis versa there is screen flicker which is gamemode enabling and disabling,


When the glitch happen  game mode can be switch from on to off  and there will be NO flicker,  and lots input  on both the PC and Console connection. IF i system restart the tv  all works fine again, till I switch in puts and it random breaks again requiring another system restart. and this glitch effect ALL inputs once it happens


Like other have mention one reason why I bought the TV was  55s515 had really low input lag in game mode, which now an issue


I have already done Factory Reset and pull the power and hold the power button for 15 second multiple times.


Another thing I noticed is when it glitchs gamemode, "if" action smoothing was enabled and turned off  acording to UI the action smoothing is still enabled, and again system restart will fix this till it randomly happens again upon input changing. so what cause the glitch glitch other functions.


I just got off the phone with TCL cause my tv is 55s515 and they told it probably software glitch and all this controlled by roku. they told me to wait till build update is pushed to see if it is fix


With out gamemode on play game on the tv is unbearable. Please fix this issue,  some times tv is fine for month some time fine for week or 2 then other times  every time I switch input It breaks and I have to system restart to fix it,  yesterday I had system restart tv 5 times  cause every time I switch inputs  it broke. At one point I was system restarting the tv every time I switch to  pc or console input cause it was broke

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