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Boot Trouble w/V9.2 B4128 and Roku Ultra 4660X

Anyone else experiencing trouble with V9.2 Build 4128. My Ultra never did boot up regularly and when it did was rather slow (1-2 minutes).  I updated last week and haven't used it since.  Tried to use it today and it (Ultra 4660x) would not complete the boot.  I'd did multiple power cycles, reset cables and change inputs on TV for new handshake. Ultra would show animation for 45 seconds then screen would go black and Ultra blue LED would flash for about 5 minutes, then attempt another re-boot on it's own.  After a dozen or so attempts, I gave up and started to look for Roku Tech support info.... after nearly 1 hour of auto-reboots every 5 minutes Build 4128 finally completed the boot. Checked on "System Updates" and see that their is yet another new update to Build 4131.  Looks like an admission on Ruku's part that 4128 was buggy.  Watching world series now, afraid to shut it do for fear 4131 will not re-boot either.  Any body know anything pertinent about Build 4128 or 4131 issues as it pertains to the Ultra?  Would be nice since they have my email if Roku Tech support would send out warnings of such problems.  Netgear informs me all the time of issues and new updates.  Get your act together ROKU !!!!  Very disappointed in quality control of this box (my 4th Roku streamer in 5 years). Feel like a loyal client deserves better.  And how about an 800 tech support phone #???

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Re: Boot Trouble w/V9.2 B4128 and Roku Ultra 4660X

@jokimo Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear about the experience! 

If you have a micro-SD card inserted into your device, try removing this and then perform a system update once more. That should help get you back on track.

If you need additional help, please visit:




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