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Booooo! Two thumbs down for new Oct 2020 Roku Ultra!

No 802.11 AX Wi-Fi 6 in the new 2020 Ruku Ultra, just announced?! Only a vauge 50% better range?! None of that matters without the modern tech built into the new Wi-Fi 6 standard (tech features that would nearly eliminate buffering altogether). Also, the ethernet is a paltry 10/100 connection. How long have we had the more efficient, faster Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) for?! Eons! And it's dirt cheap to manufacture too! Do a quick Google search for "PCI-e Gigabit Ethernet adapter", and be amazed at it's meager price tag. Also, what is more, 2.5 Gb, and 5 Gb Ethernet standards are already here, and the engineers are so stingy as to still use 10/100! Ugh! This is barely an upgrade over the 2019 version, and IMHO not worth upgrading. The engineers better hope they can pull off a mid-cycle refresh like Sony did for the PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 4 Pro, or otherwise I can't see them moving a lot of these "new" units. Especially to people who already have the 2019 Ultra. There simply isn't much to be gained here by upgrading.

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Re: Booooo! Two thumbs down for new Oct 2020 Roku Ultra!

AX chipsets are probably still too expensive to use, even in an Ultra, without having to raise the price.

As far as gigabit Ethernet, it's not really needed except for the 0.0001% of users who want to stream raw 4K video from a local server.

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Re: Booooo! Two thumbs down for new Oct 2020 Roku Ultra!

For streaming from Internet sources, there's zero benefit to either Gigabit Ethernet or .11ax. Even .11ac far exceeds the requirements for any Internet source. Almost none of them require more than 20 Mbps.

But yes, for those 1%ers of us who have local UHD media, a faster connection would be nice. But still, .11ac is more than sufficient for it. But I sure would have liked a Gigabit Ethernet jack. But that's what I have my Shield for, since it also supports the lossless audio codecs that Roku still doesn't support. 


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