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Beach Palms Theme uses white letters on white background

Roku M/N:  Ultra 4670X

Roku Firmware:  9.3.0 - build 4143-46

TV M/N:  LG 47LK520-UA

I’m using the Beach Palms Theme as my wallpaper.  In Settings > System > System info the information at the “Serial number” line and below is not readable because the theme is using white lettering on white sand.  The same thing occurs under Settings > Network > About.

My workaround it to temporarily change my wallpaper so I can read the information.

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Level 7

Re: Beach Palms Theme uses white letters on white background

I have the same problem but with only one of my 5 roku units. The Streaming Stick + on a 4K tv has the white text on the sand color background making it next to impossible to read but my other tvs with either a built in roku or the regular streaming stick and express units the letters are blue and seen perfectly against the background. All of the units are running the latest 9.3.0 software and I manually checked for updates. 


What is also odd is the unit that has white letters also shows this as a wallpaper and not a theme in fact searching for themes is limited to theme packages now where as all the other units still have a theme option and the ability to browse. 

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