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Bandwidth Control

Xfinity has a 1TB cap and anything over is $10/50GB. 4k kills me every month and you can't downgrade Disney+ and Netflix (a lesser package is available but not an option for me). I have tried to control it through my router but it doesn't seem to work. My work around is to purchase the Roku SE that only plays HD. I hope this works and time will tell. I post this as I know I can't be the only one with this issue. It would be nice if the streaming services offered a way to limit or eliminate 4k streaming. I would hope that Roku would offer a setting for max output resolution where a user could choose 4k - 1080pHD - 720 - or SD.

If anyone has any other ideas please share. Thanks.

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Re: Bandwidth Control

I don't have Netflix any longer, but I thought they had an account setting to restrict the highest resolution. I realize they have a mid-tier plan that doesn't include 4K, but that isn't what I am referring to.

With Prime Video, you can select HD or UHD titles separately. But it's the only one I'm aware of that has such an option. I just checked Vudu and it too plays the highest resolution you own (for your library titles), but you can of course rent titles at HD or sometimes SD. 

As for a device setting to restrict bandwidth, I'm unaware of any streaming player that has such a function. Some have reported that setting the Roku to 1080 (instead of 4K) will keep the stream bitrate lower. But that's 2nd hand info, so I can't vouch for it. 

One last comment. 4K from Netflix isn't all that high of a bitrate. It tops out at 16 Mbps. I don't know what rate Prime Video uses, but likely something similar. When I play a Blu Ray rip from my media server, I can see in excess of 30 Mbps from 1080 rips. Of course, they aren't compressed like the streaming providers.

It's unfortunate that the ISPs are still setting such unreasonable data caps, especially one as large as Xfinity. I have no data caps on my CenturyLink DSL connection. While they offer Gigabit speed, it isn't available in my area, so just under 100 Mbps is my limit for now. Of course, for anything other than downloading large files, my speed is more than enough. Smiley Happy

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Re: Bandwidth Control

You should be able to cap the Bandwidth with your Router. Dont know which you have.

Otherwise there are Inernet services available in abundance that are not part of the Mega corps.

Or part of any kind of bundling plan. Which offer and focus only on Internet service.


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Re: Bandwidth Control

Unfortunately where I live I have two choices, Xfinity for up to 200mbs or Centurylink with a max of 10mbs. I have an X10 router. I did just purchase a Roku SE to use on my 4K tv in hopes of limiting the bandwidth used. I still have the Nvidia Shield connected as well but hid the remote. The SE is so slow compared to the Shield but am going to suffer through it until February to see how it affects the bandwidth usage. 
I agree that in this day and age with 4K abundant, providers need to adjust their data cap or remove it completely. Unfortunately it is another way for them to generate revenue so I don’t see them doing it voluntarily. In areas like mine where they are the only high speed provider they should be mandated to remove data caps.