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Audio but black screen when screen mirroring iphone to roku premiere

I have a roku premiere running the 9.4.0 software, and I have an iphone 11 running the latest apple iOS. When I try to use the screen mirror function, it is really f***ing up. If I am able to get the screen to display on my TV at all, it quickly goes to a blank black screen, or it takes me to the airplay setting screen. But my TV will continue to play whatever audio is currently playing on my iphone. 

I have them both on the same wireless network, I've selected "always allow" on the roku settings, I have homekit on my iphone set up and registered to my roku, and i've already done a full reset by this point to see if that fixed the problem. Nothing i am doing works.  


I've been through al of the topics posted on here but haven't found any instructions on what to do. 

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