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Audio Dropouts TCL R625 after 9.4 Update

Audio dropouts for 3 seconds every minute or so when watching TV from Xfinity X1 cable box. Dropouts started immediately after the 9.4.0 (build 4200) update and I haven’t been able to fix it in settings on the TCL or Xfinity devices.

I use a Soundbar with my TCL Roku R625 TV so the TV speakers are turned off. This means suggestions like turning volume leveling off don’t apply  (not enabled when speakers are off).

There is a little clicking sound with the dropouts as if the audio type is trying to change modes, maybe?

Because my soundbar is Dolby Atmos I usually use the Roku Audio setting Dolby Digital Plus, DTS. Since the dropouts began, I have also tried Auto Passthrough and Auto Dectect but neither setting fixed the dropouts.

The xfinity cable box device is plugged into hdmi port 3. There are 3 audio options on the xfinity box: Stereo, 5.1 Surround, and Expert (Passthrough). None of the settings make a difference and the dropouts affect all cable channels.

 I know Roku support will ask: Have you tried PCM-Stereo for the audio input mode. Using that mode means all Surround and Dolby/Atmos ability is turned off on all devices and hdmi ports. 

That said, yes, the Roku Audio PCM Stereo setting will stop the dropouts, and in exchange, all surround sound is disabled. I also didn’t have dropouts before so I don’t consider switching to PCM Stereo a fix. However, I do consider that a reason to purchase a non-Roku TV if Roku doesn’t fix this soon.

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Re: Audio Dropouts TCL R625 after 9.4 Update

@Threegeese I have the exact same issue (more or less). I posted a similar thread around the same time as you and it looks like there is still no official solution (super frustrating). 

I did discover a partial solution over the weekend that I detailed in my latest post in that thread (link below) long story short forcing and OS update and power cycling the soundbar seems to alleviate the issue until you use the fastforward or reverse functions. 

Link to my issue thread

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