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Are the Roku Player & TCL TV Software & Build the same?

I am contemplating purchasing the 32in TCL Roku TV. Two questions:

1. My Express Player is running SW: 8.01 Build 4042
    Can I expect the TCL Roku TV, updated, to run the same Software and Build?

2. On my LAN I have a Linux server that runs a DLNA server. The Express Player,
    Roku Media Player sees the server and pretty much runs everything reasonable
    I throw at it. Can I expect the TCL Roku TV to do the same?

It would be very desirable for both of these devices to operate identically
except for the TV tuner.

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Re: Are the Roku Player & TCL TV Software & Build the same?

Different devices typically have different build numbers, but the versions generally stay the same.  So for your Express, the build number may be build 40xx, but the TV may be build 41xx (as an example).  That's mainly due to hardware differences.

For your second question, the expected behavior should be the same, so your TV should recognize the DLNA server without a problem.  There may be other circumstances that might cause the server not to be recognized, but those are few and far between.  If that happens, just post here and the community members can help you with that issue (and we at Roku can file a bug for it, if necessary).

You shouldn't have a problem though.
C. Shawn Smith
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Re: Are the Roku Player & TCL TV Software & Build the same?

Both of my Roku TVs see my DLNA servers with no issues. The added benefit of a Roku TV is that they support MPEG2 video, and therefore those files don't require transcoding. The TVs do not support DTS audio, so you either need that audio transcoded to ac3 or aac, or connect your TV to an AV Receiver that supports DTS decoding. You can either use ARC or optical for sending the audio from the TV to the AVR. Even my small, inexpensive insignia TV supports ARC, and almost any new AVR supports it nowadays. 
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Re: Are the Roku Player & TCL TV Software & Build the same?

Thanks all
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